Ardour is a GPL-licensed multitrack audio production environment. It has many of the features of commercial digital audio workstations.

Prerequisites Edit

  • ALSA - Advanced Linux Sound Architecture
  • JACK - Jack Audio Connection Kit

System RequirementsEdit


Any 32 or 64 bit Intel-compatible computer (non-Intel hardware can be used if you build Ardour yourself or have someone else build it for you). CPU speed limits the amount of signal processing (faster is better).

Operating SystemEdit

Any version of Linux with a kernel newer than 2.3 and libc version 2.25 or newer. This applies to almost any Linux distribution released in 2009 or later.


2GB is recommended, more is always better

Disk SpaceEdit

Minimum 350MB of free space on /opt to install Ardour. You will want lots more disk space for recording. It's not necessary but an external drive will improve performance.

External Links Edit

  • Online community-contributed manual