JACK is the JACK Audio Connection Kit. It was authored by a team of developers headed by Paul Barton Davis, the author of Ardour. It creates a virtual patchbay for connecting different application which have no intrinsic knowledge of each other, as well as communicating time code, tempo, and meter information between applications.

Building, Installing, and Configuration Edit

Prerequisites Edit

Although JACK supports many audio system backends, ALSA is recommended, as it provides the most drivers for professional audio cards.

It also requires that a shared memory filesystem mounted at /dev/shm.

From Source Edit

sh ./
make install

Debian and variants Edit

If you are using Debian sarge or newer, you can simply use:

 apt-get install jackd

to install JACK.

Running JACK Edit

Since JACK has a fairly complicated commandline, it is recommended that you use qjackctl to start and stop this.

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